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3 clicks to Q (the really quick guide to “Q finder” search engine)

click 1

click 2

“find music” the flashing button on the right upper corner

click 3

username: enter your username
password: then your password


“Q finder”  fastest search tip

Google-like search by “Keyword”: use single or multiple descriptive words

(note in using “Keyword”: music category, tempo, time, mood, vocals, instrumentation, version are all searchable in one single search!)

keywords & search tips  (pdf download)

“Q finder” browse & search Q music categories

Music category (genre) search: “Summary Search” > select “Category” > click “SUMMARIZE” > browse & highlight category of choice > click “SEARCH”

Q’s music categories & subcategories list  (pdf download)

email or call Q for help searching or search requests or 323.309.5051

configure your player

“Q finder” user accounts are configured to the type of computer you use (mac/pc).  If, for example, you would like to change your player from windows to quicktime: click on “Preferences” above the “Boolean” toggle  > scroll down near the bottom of the window to “Preferred Media Player” and select your desired media player > hit “SAVE at the bottom of the window.


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