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Your Go To Music Squad
spring 2016

Q Music Collective and HollywoodTrax, have had a long and rewarding relationship for many years. Now we are taking a binaural approach to music placement by joining forces. Between the two libraries we have made approximately 15,000 placements in the last five years.

Both libraries have deep repositories for wide and narrow applications. HollywoodTrax can be found on Source Audio which features easy search and easy pay right online. With additional safety (E&O insurance on tap) and several sub-libraries (exclusive and non-exclusive) there are more reasons than ever to call our squad with all of your music needs.

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We Grew In Interesting Ways
spring 2015

Once again Q was selected for Wella's (Proctor & Gamble) annual hair style competition and videos.  Our electrifying electronic track kept the runways high stepping and hair flinging while an international cadre of follicle enthusiasts ogled at the artistry on parade.  Premier Chicago-based director Bill Youmans, a regular client of Q, said he had trouble NOT dancing during the shooting and posting!

So take the challenge and sample our multitudes of infectious dance tracks!

Q also grew in sporty ways with new clients CBS Sports & the LA Kings.

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Floating On A YouTube
spring 2014

The Q Music Collective Composer Series on YouTube is a fun way to get to know our composers and the credits they bring to our library and you, the music user. Conceived, shot and edited by our talented multiple-media craftsman Sam Bibo, this new summer installment features the platinum record-awarded Burns Brothers (Ocean Way, NCIS).

The Burns Brothers, Greg and Jeff, toil away creatively in the modern comfort of their San Fernando Valley space occupying several studio rooms. Amongst many projects they and various assistants co-score the network ratings juggernaut NCIS along with Brian Kirk.

Their journey to becoming primetime series composers came via ten years in the trenches of world renowned LA studio Ocean Way. While there, the identical twins worked with a list of platinum artists that would make any mix maestro proud including: Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Dr. Dre, Brian Wilson, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, Eminem, Alanis Morissette, Green Day, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill.

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I Got Mine. Hoosier (Who’s Your) Composer?
spring 2013

When we realized we needed sports tracks for a client we searched for someone to bring the heavy guitar sound often associated with aggressiveness (read sports). For Q’s Campbell Collins, a Hoosier transplant, aggressive sports music is an indie specialty. Additionally, Hoosiers (people from Indiana) have a way of divining other Hoosiers (Q also represents tracks from Hoosier John Swihart - Napoleon Dynamite, How I Met Your Mother).

So who shows up but guitarist and fellow Indiana transplant, Jeff Mallow, guitar slinger for the prince of Alt Metal, Serj Tankian (System of a Down) in his new band “Serj Tankian and the FCC.”

Check Jeff’s crazy shredding, in our first Q Music Collective Composer Series installation on YouTube.

Stay tuned for more installments of the Q Music Collective Composer Series to be posted later this summer.

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Are Music Libraries The New Record Labels?
spring 2012

NO! We wouldn’t wish that on anyone … At least not the way labels have been getting bashed, but hey, that wouldn’t stop us from sticking our proverbial disc-like neck out in the digital realm. You can hear the sound of our first EP release called Duner and listen to a cut called Istanbul Moon (also on iTunes, Spotify, eMusic).

Duner made Music Connection’s HOT 100 Unsigned Artists list, and received a stellar review from it’s Hard Rock Hollywood performance.

Music Connection review (pdf download)

Duner at Hard Rock Hollywood

Duner does Hard Rock Hollywood

The EP is an eclectic fusion of electronic, grooves and world. Let us know if you want the EP sent with library-ready edits and we’ll customize them for you.

Also new to Q this season are tracks from Jack D. Elliot (Katy Perry, Dead Maus, Diane Warren, David Guetta) and Gunnard Doboze (The Amazing Race, Academy Award winning documentary Saving Face).

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The Visigoths Are Coming …Yikes!
spring 2011

Terrorists are nothing new. For example the Visigoths terrorized and conquered much of what is Western Europe through sheer brutality, but now they are back and still pretty smelly looking … but also kind of adorable. Witness the Capital One road trip campaign where barbarian types are more bumbling than terrorizing.

Q Music Collective is proud to have been chosen to help paint a colorful (brand) picture through use of our Qmix Big Band Blues Qs in all the Las Vegas location spots. We think the creative on this is historic.

If wearing a horned helmet makes a statement then so does increased activity with the E!, G4 and Style networks (10 shows).  It was a bonus, but did little to sharpen our office attire. Speaking of fashion, Q felt glamorous for a minute appearing in “Sex in the City 2”, but alas … no fashion effect. It’s casual Wednesdays at Q everyday.

Other fashionable placements include: Brothers and Sisters, Big Bang Theory.

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Head Butt
spring 2010

Caught World Cup fever?  We’re kickin’ balls with a track by our Canadian composers, Brabec and Oberst, well known for their Hockey Night Theme. Check it out this Pan-African theme.

Soccer Theme

Meanwhile, our Billboard charting dance dudes, Dresden and Johnston, are bringin’ it with remixes for: Nadia Ali, Hello Seattle, Crystal Method and Lily Allen. They also delivered their “Keep Faith” track that hit the top 10 on Billboard’s Dance Chart.

Billboard Chart - Keep the Faith

Keep Faith

This is Q’s full vocal version with an instrumental version available.

Q fever has also spread to new television placements including; Bones, CSI and Desperate Housewives among others. It’s good to Keep the Faith.

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New Is Good
spring 2009

As the President of the largest music library recently said at a California Copyright Council dinner...“New is Good!” 

So what’s New at Q?

Mephisto Odyssey (x-Warner Bros, now on Groovequest) is a multi-Billboard charting electronic available on Q! Mephisto seems to chart with every track they release.

One cut from this touring ensemble highlights Nusrat Ali Khan’s cousin (he sounds exactly the same) and though it is under the Electronic genre, the vocal, guitar and percussion are live and smokin’. Two current remixes by Mephisto, one to a Lily Allen track are in the Billboard Dance top 10.

In other news Q is now onboard at E!, The Style Network and the gamer channel G4. Feel the Halo yet?

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Politix Plus +
winter 2009

The quarters are ticking away, but will be remembered because we contributed to a real Pop culture moment. During the Presidential election we had fun working on an Obama spot for

In related news, because we just had to...we produced an original track about the Bush years called (“I Can’t Sleep”)...who could? Glad that’s behind us.

This season some national spots showed up: Omnicom Group's BBDO for Campbell’s Soup featured an attractive model doing a blind taste test for a researcher, Saatchi spot for Yoplait had Richard Simmons dancing in the dairy section of a grocery store, plus music for Honey Baked Ham spots made for more yummy stuff, and all with rather tasty music.

Additionally, Q’s in show and promos included music for: “Brothers and Sisters” and “Desperate Housewives” on Touchstone/ABC, “Bones” on FOX, “Kid Nation” and “Moonlight” on CBS, “Celebrity Expose” on My Network TV, “TV One Access” on TV One, and “Hollywood Green” on Discovery’s Planet Green. As usual “Access Hollywood” made a daily staple of Q’s music.

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Q Joins The Soundminer Initiative
summer 2008

Q Music Collective has been Soundminer-based since its inception in 2003 and helped shepherd Soundminer into Ascent Media companies Soundelux and Modern Music. 

This season Q announced its joining the Soundminer Music Initiative and the march to standardize industry metadata. After all, what’s the point of having great music if it’s hard to find?

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Let there be Q

Let There Be Q
spring 2008

Interesting how when something is declared to the Universe it can manifest in very unexpected ways.  Around the same time Q became independent and was being reborn on Vine Street in Hollywood, football field sized banners with “Let There Be Q” went up on the newly renovated Sunset Vine Tower!

Was this “jumbo-sized promotion” karmic payment for offering music that didn’t sound like other libraries?  (Motorola was the actual billboard sponsor.)  With composers from such storied projects as; “How I Met Your Mother”, "CSI", “Napoleon Dynamite” and wacky reality show “The Surreal Life.”  Q does have a horn to blow … Thank you Universe.  Q must be doing something right.

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Q Music Collective Goes Indie
winter 2008

Q, a busy music library in Hollywood, always wanted to act indie and now that it has left its housekeeping deal with Ascent Media’s Todd AO/Soundelux it actually is indie.

Originally part of Ascent’s legendary Sound Services division Q was previously known as Music Delux and had composer representation as part of its mandate. Initially Q’s focus was on representing the music first to Todd-AO clients and later other established editors, producers and supervisors.

“Collectives don’t usually play the corporate way,” commented Campbell Collins the Q CEO, “…but collectives and for that matter music companies don’t usually get to woodshed under the aegis of a company like Todd-AO. It was both an honor and a challenge.”

According to Collins, these companies aren’t usually in the content business, but at the time were interested in adding a music service element to their full range mix. Craig Harris the original Music Director and co-founder used his knowledge and contacts to build the initial group of composers. Collins whose background includes being co-owner of Soundtrax Productions and Magnum at the Village Recorder did stints as a marketing executive with several television syndication companies. As a band member or manager of three top ten charting acts he felt confident he could build on the business. Placements happened and Q was born.

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