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Let There Be Q


Born of Soundelux and originally called Musik Delux, Q Music Collective spent its formative years at Soundelux on Hollywood Boulevard birthing a creative composers boutique agency, specing and creating music themes for new television shows, and later relocating to Todd-AO Vine Street Studios. Q has since gone “indie” and is making its way around to select music supervisors, producers, directors and editors. Although the library is focused on the 18-34 youth demographic Q is proud of its creative variety which is spread over 130 genres.

Q finder online

The “Q finder” searches the Q Music Collective library online where it provides an easy Google-like search, audition and download capability. Q also offers custom search services based on client criteria and will place tracks for consideration in an online project folder or “list”.


Producing original music for television, film, games, commercials, promos, trailers and other media is a top focus at Q. Q composers have award winning experience from drama to comedy and reality to soundalikes. What sound would you like?


Q’s creative community is composed largely of television and film composers, music producers and songwriters with major industry credits. Q’s music has a sound…it is …“not chunked out by the hour”. Rather, it is the heart and soul of Rock & Roll … and a lot of other genres.

the green library

Q Music Collective is an eco-friendly music library with special licensing considerations given to environmental television and film production projects. We’re working to build up our digital karma. By promoting digital delivery and the recycling and reuse of materials Q plans for its sustainable music to be heard for decades to come.


Q’s philosophy is YES. We believe in “better media through better music”.



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