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Searching for the best original music cues for television, film, commercials, promos, games, and online media?  Q Music Collective is the music library of choice for industry professionals.

Based in Hollywood, Q is a delicious repository of music in all its glorious forms. With over 60 composers, 5,000+ tracks and 130+ genres online users can search & “find music” with our Google-like search engine “Q finder.”

Designed for servicing television and film editors, music supervisors and media professionals, Q also offers original composition from a diverse talent community with credits on all major alphabet and cable networks and film studios.

What makes Q different? As a collective Q shares more of the revenue it generates. Clients like this because it attracts great composers. Composers like this because they participate in every dollar. Q likes this because everyone’s happy.

sample some of Q's music categories










complete list of Q's music categories & subcategories (pdf download)

additionally offline

Q also has hundreds of offline tracks including: real Americana with Nashville musicians, authentic instruments and arrangements including Appalachian, Country Western (Old School), Cowboy, Sacred (White Gospel), Old Timey, Tennessee, Mountain Jamboree, Railroad and kids campfire songs. Qs are mostly instrumental and all are digital recordings.


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